Chiropractor Approved

All mattresses in this category are certified and approved by the International Chiropractor Association (ICA).

About This Mattress

This might be the classiest 2 Sided Mattress you've seen. It offers superb support, even as a plush version, with comforming coils.

About This Mattress

If you like plush, heavy duty support, luxurious comfort, with no motion transfer then look no more. The EXL3300 w/Duvet is the worlds most luxurious mattress. The best part of this mattress is King Koil took our favorite mattress, EXL3000, and added more of the good stuff!

About This Mattress

If you are looking for a softer feel at an exceptional value, the King Koil World Edition Sydney Euro Top is your answer. This mattress features AdvantaGel, high performance soft foams and the new 789 Contour Flex encased coil system with K2 Edge.

About This Mattress

King Koil has added conforming support for your lower back in the King Koil World Edition Monaco Plush.

About This Mattress

This is definitely a customer favorite. This mattress is constructed with high quality foam and Flex Pro Excellent Edge to give you total comfort from edge to edge. You won't be sorry that you met this mattress!

Mattress Features:

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