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Regular Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to come in or can I purchase online?

Do you still make your mattresses?

I ordered my mattress, now what?

My delivery is scheduled, do I need to do anything else?

Your delivery team looks strong, can they help me?

Tips appreciated or frowned upon?

Can I come pickup my mattress?

What else should I know?

Do I really need a mattress protector?

Do I really have to rotate/flip my mattress?

How often should I replace my mattress?

Looking for a mattress in box?

I'm thinking about buying a bed in a box! What should I know?

Are they ok since they've been rolled up in a box?

Purchasing is easy!

After Purchasing

How long before I receive my mattress.

Can I check my order status?

Should I purchase from your or from the manufacture?

Warranty Claims

How do I process a warranty claim?

It's actually pretty simple

My warranty claim was approved, now what?