Adjustable Bases

In this day and age, it’s pretty likely that you’ve at least heard of adjustable bases (or beds with an adjustable base). You may have even experimented with one on a showroom floor. But you might’ve thought, “Well, it’s nice, but it’s probably just another unnecessary luxury.” The reality, however, is that an adjustable bed frame is important because sleep is important, and an adjustable bed frame helps you sleep better.

The ability to maneuver your bed into the position that’s most comfortable to you eliminates tossing and turning every night. Trouble with you or your partner snoring? Elevating the upper body facilitates easier breathing as you sleep. Elevating your feet can help to relieve soreness or swelling related to poor circulation. If your frame has a zero gravity position that can elevate your upper body and feet at the same time, this can help to relieve problems with back pain. This list could go on, but it's time for you to actually rest. 

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