Ernest Hemingway Collection

Hemingway mattresses are timeless and enduring. Authenticity and quality are hallmarks of the brand, in design and construction. The romantic and international appeal of the Hemingway legend is embodied in the bed collections fit to bear the name

We have personally selected what we feel are two of our favorites out of the Hemingway collection to showcase. Below you will find two mattresses with incredible value, durability, aesthetics, and an incredible 15-year warranty!

The first step on the Hemingway journey is the

"Boca Key Euro Pillowtop"

If you want something a little more, than look no further than the Coil over Coil, New Zealand Wool and Natural latex featured in

"Coral Cove Euro Top"

There are so many fantastic features in each of the Hemingway mattresses, but you really have to just see it and feel it for yourself. Below are some of the unique features found in the Hemingway collection focused on natural, eco-friendly, durability, & comfort.

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