The Heritage Series

The Heritage Series mattresses are hand curated with 105 years of industry experience. Each mattress is specifically designed for the customer. The Heritage Series mattresses are unmatched by any other ones on the market. The quality of the material, level of craftsmanship, and attention to detail practically guarantees the customer with a better nights rest for much longer than anyone else. You can spot The Heritage Series mattresses for the unique diamond inlaid borders with the yellow, Kevlar reinforced, tape stitching and the luxurious tops. All Heritage Series mattresses are carefully crafted in America using the finest local materials to give you a much higher quality.

Ensley Fairfield Mattress Company is Birmingham's oldest, most trusted, mattress company since 1915. That title didn't come by accident, it was earned each day and promises were delivered over decades. The Heritage Series is the continued promise from the Holtzclaw family that we are going to give you the best product your money can buy at a quality that far exceeds expectations. For more on the exclusive Heritage Series mattresses, click HERE

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