The Elect Plush by Englander
The Elect Plush by Englander
The Elect Plush by Englander
The Elect Plush by Englander

The Elect Plush by Englander

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Premium materials expertly layered to create an ideal balance between support and comfort. The Elect model is crafted with tempered steel fabric-wrapped coils for lasting support, along with an elevating layer of premium Talalay latex that delivers a never-stuck, floating feeling for ultimate comfort.

Available in both plush and firm to support any sleep position.

Superior Support

Fabric-wrapped innersprings are supportive, comfortable, and responsive. Plus, Englander springs keep you from feeling stuck. When it’s easy to change positions it’s easier to stay asleep.

Once shaped into springs, we temper our steel coils. It’s a process that freezes the molecules in place so they never sag.

Mattress Construction:

  • Latex foam for elevated pressure relief and contouring comfort.
  • Copper infused memory foam brings healing properties and a gentle transition.
  • Transition foams act as a connective tissue for strong construction.
  • Fabric-wrapped innersprings delivers dynamic support and world class conformability.
  • Cooling cover features fibers woven to move heat to the open air where it dissipates.
  • Organic cotton covers adorn our 100% natural latex line.
  • Signature border features a unique Englander gusset.
  • Pebbled-diamond tape trims and connects the mattress cover.
  • Designed and Built in the USA
  • Oeko-Tex Class 1 Certified Safe Talalay Latex