Red Land Cotton


Situated at the foot of Bankhead National Forest, our farm has been home to the Yeager family for three generations. From the very beginning it has been where we each, in turn, have learned the value of hard work and the importance of family. And it’s certainly hard work farming our renowned red soil. It indelibly tints everything it touches, and turns to thick clay after a good rain. Growing here means being resilient and hearty. It’s true of our crops, and it’s true of our children.  In 1994, Mark Yeager built his own cotton gin, a huge undertaking that gave our family strict control over the quality of our cotton fibers. He has since spent years implementing sustainable farming practices across our thousands of acres of land until our farm was able to produce an unrivaled crop with minimal impact to the surrounding environment.


Red Land Cotton Is And Always Will Be 100% American Made And Manufactured, And That Starts With The Soil It’s Grown In. 

While farming is his passion, Mark has always had the mind of a business owner. It’s with that keen perspective and his intimate understanding of the cotton market that he identified an opportunity to do more with our high-quality crop. With the entire family working by his side, we set out to create heirloom-inspired linens from the homegrown cotton that we were growing for a level of quality we could take pride in and an integrated business model that could revitalize a waning cotton industry.

And Just Like That, Red Land Cotton Was Born.


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