As frustrating as it sounds, every industry is affected by forced shutdowns and reduced workforce. We work tirelessly with our manufacturing partners and friends to forecast any delays, but we have unexpected issues just like any one else. As frustrated as you are with this, I assure you we are equally or more frustrated with delays. We try to pass along any information we receive on delays and eta's. At times we are totally out of control with delays and unfortunately the situation is extremely fluid. On top of the year long delays, we are now in the busiest shipping time of any normal year which compounds the problem.

We encourage you and us to be patient during this rare time. We are talking with our vendors daily to get status reports and they are incredibly short staffed and working overtime to fulfill all orders in a timely manner. While we can't control freight companies like USPS, FEDEx, UPS, or furniture freight companies, we can control our deliveries once they arrive in our hands. We put the highest priority of aged orders to hopefully reduce any delays as much as possible. 

Backorders are the most fluid of all issues right now. For example, we will check the status of a particular item and it shows it is in stock, a few minutes later that same item will be backordered. This can be incredibly difficult for us to maintain an accurate listing on our website, so if you are purchasing for a time sensitive reason, please check as soon as you are ready to purchase to hopefully get the most accurate information before your purchase. If it is indeed in stock, make your purchase immediately to hopefully lock it in. 

Thank you for trusting us with your order and know that we are constantly monitoring statuses and fighting on your behalf to fulfill your order as fast as possible.