Mattress Coil Information

We know that shopping for a mattress can be the most confusing thing you'll buy. There are a lot of industry terms and slang that is used and at the end of the trip, sometimes you are more confused then when you started.

A lot of mattress stores like to hide comfort behind smoke and mirrors, but we like to educate so you understand what actually makes you comfortable. One of the most talked about things in mattress shopping are coils. There are many different varieties, but rest assured that we are here to help with any confusion. Below are links to specific coils that we tend to use and some comparisons between the two. This is to help you, not replace the knowledge that we can give you if you visit any of our locations. The more information you know about what makes you comfortable, the greater the chance you'll have at the best nights sleep you've ever had.

Use this information to familiarize yourself whether you have visited our store, or if you are just digging in. Don't shy away from questions and don't fall victim to marketing tricks. Comfort is not always found in "coil count" or any other common tricks. The same coil count used in one mattress can feel very different in the other mattress because of the other supporting components & foams in the mattresses.