Pocketed Coil vs Open Coil Innerspring

There are several ways you can get a good night’s sleep. But all of them mandate a proper mattress. And the amount of variety the mattress market offers almost blinds you. So what mattress should you buy?

Many people still prefer the tried and tested innerspring mattresses, which are probably the oldest type of mattresses around. This speaks volumes about how comfortable they are regarded. But recently, a new subtype has emerged known as pocket coil mattress.  


What are Pocket Coil Mattresses?

Innerspring Open Coil mattresses have an arrangement of spring coils under the surface, sandwiched on two sides by a mesh over which the foam material rests. This is the standard mattress, and it is often deemed too hard on the back despite giving good spinal support. Pocket Coil Mattress seeks to solve that issue with introducing a certain level on detail into the construction.

A Pocket Coil Mattress has each of its springs (there can be thousands!) enclosed individually in a pocket of cloth or cloth like material. This means that all springs do not contract together, and you get a contraction proportionate to the immediate weight at the side, leading to greater support at your body’s bends and curves.

Why is Pocket Coil Better than Innerspring Open coil?

It is generally deemed that Pocket Coil mattresses have a certain degree of finesse to the experience they provide. An InnerSpring Open Coil mattress contracts all over if weight is placed only on one area. They can give unnatural and uncomfortable tiles if the weight isn’t positioned near the center, and can even get you backaches once the foam wears out. Pocket Coil Mattresses keep you safe from all of these!

Benefits of a Pocketed Coil mattress:

  • A better back support is ensured in Pocket Coil Mattresses, since the compression is produced according to the surface in contact.
  • A much more stable surface ensures you can sleep in peace even if your bed-mate thrashes about in their sleep.
  • Pocket Coil Mattresses are often judges as being easier to clean, thanks to their open surface.
  • No need to add extra toppers to make the mattress extra comfortable.

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