Purchasing & Return Policy

We are a little old school still and try not to fine print every little thing we do. We keep our return policy, exchange policy, & cancellation policy pretty simple. We do our best to consult you on the best mattress or bed you can purchase within your budget. We post explicitly that all sales are final, but we know that things might come up, so we go into detail below.

All purchases including online and in store policy below:

No refunds, exchanges, or returns including comfort. Mattress haul away is at the discretion of delivery team, no soiled/stained or insect infested mattresses will be accepted. If you have an APPROVED cancellation of order, all cancelled standard orders are subject to 25% restocking fee of ordered goods. Any custom made mattresses, power bases, or iron bed orders are not able to be cancelled or refunded at any time. No additional or implied warranties except for manufacturer warranties if applicable. Manufacturing warranties are subject to the manufacturers rules on misuse and abuse. Floor models or blemished do not have any warranty of the mattress and is an "as-is" purchase. Buyer's Remorse of any product or service does not constitute a cancellation of no charge. 

We reserve the right to refuse service at anytime. Delivery times and product availability varies and does not warrant cause for cancellations. Proper arrangements need to be made to schedule deliveries and we have to be afforded the opportunity to reschedule. If you choose not to accept the delivery dates when applicable, we will reschedule at the earliest time slot we have available, they are first come first serve. Restocking of mattresses can take up to 10 days, but no more than 30 days.

3 Day Cooling off period does not apply to brick and mortar locations like ours and does not validate returns of any goods or services.

Payment of any kind is you agreeing to these terms and terms of our privacy policy. They are subject to change at any time without notification.