Warranty Exchange Process

Warranty exchanges are rare, but is always a possibility. The great news is, most of the time your warranty that came with the mattress can cover it. We do our best to make this inconvenience as easy as possible.

Each manufacturer has their own preference of how they handle each warranty and you should have a copy of their process when you received your mattress. Unfortunately, floor samples etc. are not covered under typical warranties or mattresses used on improper foundations. 

If you have misplaced or lost your warranty cards you can find them here:

Park Place Warranty

Heritage Series Warranty Card


Please have the following information or items before calling:

  1. Product label name - Pictured below
  2. Law tag (do not remove from the product) - Pictured Below
  3. Copy of your purchase receipt

Example of Product TagExample of Law Tag


When submitting photographs please use the following instructions and view the example photo to help us with your analysis:

If your concerns are body impressions, place a straight edge like a yardstick or string across the area. Using a ruler, measure the depth of the depressed area, without applying any pressure, and then photograph the measurements. Please be sure to measure in the middle of the quilted area, not in the stitching patterns. Please remove all bedding from the pictures so we can get a good visual on the mattress.

Ruler Example

Start by contacting us via email at family@efmattress.com with all of the information above and a statement of the issue.

Warranties do not cover any transportation related to the exchange. Any charges will be handled at the store level. You are more than welcome to pickup your warrantied product at our warehouse in Pelham. Please ensure there is no staining or soiled spots on the mattress.

Warranty exchanges are at the discretion of the manufacturer, not the stores. Their word will always be final and reserve the right to refuse due soiled or misuse of product that causes damages.