Welcome to the EFM Co. Learning Center

When shopping for a mattress, you'll likely be incredibly confused by the terms and options. To be honest with you, we get confused with all of the things we see out there. A mattress is something you don't research until you need it, and it will likely be (hopefully) several years in between research. That's why we always focus on learning materials so that when you are ready, we can help navigate truth from simply silly claims. When researching, we always recommend letting your body do most of the decision making and to not make a decision solely with your mind, because your body might tell you something different. 

We have done our best to give you great information with products down below and will give you a central, local, place to research. Again, the best research is done with your body. This is never going to be a substitute for trying a mattress out in person before you purchase. This is just to give you more insight into the materials that we have found over 107 years of being in the industry to be worth your money. If you have any questions, please call us at 205-663-9733 or email us at family@efmattress.com