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What To Expect With Standard Delivery

At Ensley Fairfield Mattress Company we truly enjoy the delivery part of the transaction. It is where we deliver on our promise and we get to see the finished product. 

Here is what is included in typical "Standard" delivery and setup:

  • Transportation of your new mattress and/or bed to your home.
  • A 1 for 1 Exchange of your new mattress and old mattress (if we are hauling away one). 
  • Removal of any plastic and/or debris related to our mattress/bed delivery.
  • Setup of your new bed that was purchased at any of our locations.

Things that aren't included in "Standard" delivery and setup:

  • Moving of existing beds in home or rearranging bedroom items
  • Removing old fixtures, appliances, or other household materials
  • Moving other furniture not related to your bed or mattress purchase (we aren't insured for other things in your home).

If you would like us breakdown and setup existing beds in other rooms of the house or setup a bed you purchased from another company, the minimum charge is $30 usually billed hourly unless otherwise noted.