What to expect with your new mattress

You finally made the decision that you deserve a better night's sleep! Not only will it increase your performance the following day, but there are also significant health benefits to a proper restful sleep. We always talk about expectations for a new mattress to our clients in the showroom, but this will assist in reference or preparation of your new mattress. 


For any new mattress purchased you will automatically receive the appropriate warranty from the manufacturer. It will vary in length typically beginning at 5 years all the way to 15 years. Most, if not all, of our mattresses feature a "Non-Prorated Warranty". That means whatever amount you decided to invest in your sleep, it will retain 100% of its value throughout the entire warranty. All warranties are subject to a few terms and can be found on the manufacturers guide HERE


Break in Period 

When you either pick up your new mattress or we deliver it to you, it will likely have just been built a few days prior. That means every piece of the material in your mattress is new and at maximum resistance. You will likely go through a short period of varying lengths of "breaking in" your new mattress to get it to the mattress's proper firmness/softness. Think of it like buying a new pair of shoes. Not only will your mattress go through an adjustment, but you'll likely be going through an adjustment depending on how unsupportive your previous mattress was. Your spine and hip alignment will likely be in the correct position on the new mattress, but your body has trained itself to accept improper positioning on the old mattress.  Don't be concerned that you selected the wrong mattress, this is perfectly normal and honestly preferrable because that means you have higher quality foams and spring units in your mattress that will last for years at the comfort you desire. Some people are able to assist the break in period by "kneading" the mattress with their knees and it creates a little more flexibility in the quilt and foam. 


Maintenance of your new mattress

We recommend every mattress be properly protected with some sort of mattress protector. Not only does it keep your sleep environment clean and safe, but it also helps protect your warranty due to most manufacturers not honoring warranties on stained or soiled mattresses. 

You will also want to rotate your mattress a couple of times the first year since it is brand new, and you will want evenly "break in" all of the sleep surface. It is especially important if you are a solo sleeper or if you and your partner are two different body types.