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31-G Rail (Queen) -

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Product Description This frame is designed to be used with Queen size bedding without measuring or mistakes and no tools are required for assembly. Longer side rails and cross arms provide more support and greater protection for bedding. Special spin glide provides safe and easy movement over carpeted or hard floor surfaces.

Collection Features A step-up from other frames, the Advantage bed frame is made from re-rolled steel and provides the quality you want with the support you need.

Construction Made from re-rolled rail steel. Headboard only frame; extra large headboard brackets included. Canoe clips to secure cross arms in keyhole slots. Double angle iron center support on the King and California King for extra support: 2-1/2" center support. Solid steel rivets for longer lasting strength. T-Shaped let interlocks on top and bottom side rail for maximum strength for extra support. One locking wheel on rug rollers. Lifetime Limited Warranty.


31 G