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Adagio 13" Hybrid 2 Sided Mattress
Adagio 13" Hybrid 2 Sided Mattress
Adagio 13" Hybrid 2 Sided Mattress
Adagio 13" Hybrid 2 Sided Mattress
Adagio 13" Hybrid 2 Sided Mattress
Adagio 13" Hybrid 2 Sided Mattress
Adagio 13" Hybrid 2 Sided Mattress

Adagio 13" Hybrid 2 Sided Mattress

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Want the comfort of foam but not quite ready to switch to a foam mattress? Get the best of both worlds with this fusion of metal innerspring support wrapped and topped with progressive layers of comfort foam.
Here is why this mattress is so comfortable:
Smooth-Top Cover - Responds to body temperature
  • CoolRest® Adaptive Smooth-Top
    • A soft-knit rayon blend cover with CoolRest® Adaptive phase changing material applied for more temperature-neutral sleep
    Flip Side: Flat-Stitched
    • A soft-knit breathable cover made with a rayon blend
    • 1" quilting panel with firming foam to offer extra support for those who like an extra firm mattress
    • 1" of Sure Align support foam under the coil system working in conjunction with the coils to provide a more supportive feel along with ease of movement
    • Accommodates back, stomach and side sleepers

 Comfort Layer - Sleep cooler & relieve pressure

  • 1" of PurResponse™ specialty foam has qualities of both memory foam and latex. This layer also has a CoolRest® Adaptive finish that reinforces the temperature-regulating properties of the cover. This first layer is soft and resilient to cradle the body just right without sinking in too far
  • 1" of AirRest™ Adaptive foam uses trapped air to provide a bit of a pushback while still exhibiting qualities of memory foam. It is a cross between memory foam and standard foam. It is not affected by air temperature and offers a bit more supportiveness than the top layer to give the body a progression of "settling in"
  • 2" of Sure Align support foam completes the top comfort layers and is the transition layer before the support of the coils come into play. It provides a bit more push back to once again give a progressive feeling of cradling, along with the building of support


Zoned Pocketed Coils - Tempered for lasting support:

  • Foam-encased, zoned, pocketed coils have 8 turns of tempered steel for more support than leading competitors with 6 turns.
  • The tempered steel coils are 15 gauge in the center third of the mattress and 16 gauge toward the head and foot. With a higher gauge coil in the middle third, the body gets the support and push back it needs where weight is concentrated.
  • The encased coils provide independent, targeted support, that moves with you, while not disturbing your partner.
  • Compatible with all adjustable bases
  • CertiPUR Certified