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Bed in a Box Mattress Pickup Service (Up to 20 Miles)

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Have you taken a chance on an online bed in a box mattress hoping it would be the cure all like you were promised, but it hasn't lived up to the hype? Did the promise of an easy return leave you with a genie that you can't get back in the bottle or box? Once your return is complete and you have be given the "just donate the mattress instead of return it", we will gladly come pick it up for you. We know donating a mattress is almost impossible. We partner with a few outlets that only work with other businesses in our local area that will take them off our hands or we know of people in need of any condition of a mattress. 

To show our appreciation of considering local companies again, if you purchase a mattress from us within 30 days, we will ADD A 50% CREDIT of the amount you paid for the pickup service as a thank you!

If you know you are going to purchase, visit our store to be properly fitted for a mattress before hand and we will pick it up when we deliver the new one. This way it will be even easier and CHEAPER!  

Service Area

Distances are calculated from our Pelham location. The address to reference is 3186 Pelham Parkway, Pelham, AL 35124. Maximum pickup area is 20 miles from the address listed above. Any thing over 20 miles would need to be processed over the phone. Please call 205-730-6182 for your personal quote.

Service Details

Please wait until you have confirmation from the original company for a refund and the green light to dispose of the mattress yourself. We aren't affiliated with any online company or providing a return service for them, we are simply helping you when they won't. We aren't able to take off any other furniture, adjustable bases at this time. No soiled, insect infested, or smoke odor mattresses will be accepted. Once delivery truck is in route, service is non-refundable even if mattress is refused. Once mattress is removed from the home we will not be able to return it to you. It will immediately be distributed to partners or disposed of.