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The Tradition Plush (Joseph) 78496
The Tradition Plush (Joseph) 78496

The Tradition Plush (Joseph) 78496

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    This might be the classiest 2 Sided Mattress you've seen. It offers superb support, even as a plush version, with comforming coils. The 800 series pocketed coil unit is foam encased to give you outsanding sleep surface from edge to edge.This mattress features a Cool Gel Viscoelastic Lumbar support to ensure  you are receiving the proper support needed in the most crucial areas. Along with the lumbar support, it proudly displays the Independent Chiropractor Association approval for proper sleep posture. This mattress is flippable 2-Sided like the good ol' days and features a 10 Year Non-Prorated Warranty!

    • 800 Body Conforming Encased Coil
    • Foam Encased Mattress (edge to edge support)
    • Independent Chiropractor Approved mattress
    • 2 Sided Mattress
    • 10 Year NPR warranty
    • 15" Height
    • CertiPUR Certified

    Designed to be used with Foundation 78242